Novelist, Artisan, Programmer, Entrepreneur

I am a developer.

I am an Automation Engineer by day. By night, I crusade the town serving a cold dish of vigilante justice. My mission is to rid the world of bad UX practices, desktop-first design, poor testing systems and unscalable solutions alike. My hobbies include reading, writing, coding and playing the drums.  I follow the latest standards in W3C HTML, CSS, and Javascript development and believe in clean and minimal code.

I code.

I code; all day, everyday. Check out working and documented examples of my work.


I blog.

Some hobbies of mine include: music, art, travel and inventing. Follow my journey.


I work.

Four years in Quality Assurance, and Automation for three years. Get a copy of my resumé.


I automate tests.

From test strategy to execution, automating tests requires attention to many details. I'll show you with some examples by automating some tests based on the scope of this here web application,

It is a simple web site...

But within the monsters' heart lies many micro-services, applications and dependancies.

In order for test automation to fulfill its heroic purpose, we need information beforehand. Or we should put together some, at the very least in the form of user stories.

The Epic

This user story will serve as our epic, another way to describe the user experience in a more general scope.

As a user
I want an awesome web application
So that I can network with passionate minds.

I reproduce bugs.

Since my youth I have had an inclination in finding unique ways to crash applications, forms, games and computers. This skill, if you will, has come handy in many ways. Particularly in Quality Assurance.

I blog.

I work.

As a Quality Assurance Analyst, I learned how to reproduce, document, triage, test and resolve bugs. In 2011, I worked with smart phones of all kinds on a groundbreaking application from Amazon Inc. After being exposed to automation, the world of software and technology became a focus of passion. Since then, my experience with Automation and Full Stack Development has exponentially increased.

Get a copy of my resumé today.